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10 Things Dogs Are Better At Then Humans

Dogs are obviously awesome. That’s not up for debate. But one of the main reasons they’re so special is because they can’t talk, walk on two legs or do most things humans can – yet still trump their owners in numerous areas across the board. To reinforce how incredible our animal accomplices are, we’ve highlighted ten areas where dogs have us humans beat.

Fight Fall Pet Allergies By Knowing The Symptoms

As a human, knowing you’re experiencing allergies is easy, because they come and go like the seasons. However, for pet owners, understanding how and when your animal is being affected by allergies is vital to helping them relieve the irritation. With Summer wrapping up and Fall bound to increase pet allergy symptoms, we wanted to inform dog and cat owners of the causes of common Fall-related pet allergies, helping you combat them before your furry friends end up completely uncomfortable.

Five Products To Make Traveling With Your Pet Easier

Traveling isn’t easy. That being said, traveling pets is straight up hard. As the curious creatures they are, cats and dogs will happily get into anything and everything on a road trip if you let them, but the key is to stop the headache before it happens, by keeping them clean and content. In order to do just that on your next excursion, we’ve provided five handy products below that will inevitably make your journey much less stressful and provide you with the peace of mind needed to truly enjoy your time away from home.
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The Evolution Of Petkin & Petwipes

Examine the shelves at any local pet retailer and you’ll inevitably find some sort of disposable cloth to wipe down your animal. But, don’t be fooled – our renown Petwipes started the trend. Now, our line of popular grooming wipes have expanded across the board. Still, it’s amazing to see how far one simple idea centered around keeping pets healthy can take one company. Conceived back in 1988, the original line of Petwipes came in single packs – think moist towelettes – and eventually expanded into the 100-count packs we currently offer in 1995. After
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Five Places Pets Love To Ruin

Even the most avid pet lovers have found themselves frustrated with their beloved cat or dog. Yet, most instances we get steamed over are things our animals can’t help, but we can probably prevent. Instead of getting worked up over a muddy paw prints or a kennel that smells like a barn, consider solutions to fix the issue instead of getting worked up over nothing. To help the cause, we’ve pinpointed five of the most common places pets love to ruin in way or another, complimenting each with a preventative Petkin product that will solve
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